The Scent of Art : New Perfume Collaboration of The Louvre Museum

Ever wanted to feel how the favorite masterpieces translate into scents?

The Louvre Museum is giving the art lovers and artsy fashionistas this opportunity, teamingup with L’Officine Buly and 8 perfumers to create a unique line.

Imagining and creating the scent of a universal masterpiece for the first time in the history of French perfumery is a fascinating challenge. Perfumes interpretation of Conversation in a Park by Thomas Gainsborough, for instance, plays on floral notes of peppermint, bergamot and essence of rose. The monument of the Victory of Samothrace dating to the Hellenistic period put in a perfume bottle mixing up myrrh, bergamot and jasmine essence. The perfume version of Lorenzo Bartolini’s Scorpion Nymph includes jasmine and heliotrope with notes of musky and almond notes. Decode the story behind every perfume in the collection, and discover many more scent interpretations of great masterpieces in the ephemeral shop of the museum, nestled on the lower floor of the Pyramid, alley of the Grand Louvre.

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