Works of Renowned Street Artists Under one Roof

“From Here to There”, a fascinating exhibition featuring the work of multiple artists from around the globe to open at Arcade Art Gallery.

Located in Kaohsiung city, this Taiwanese art gallery focuses on representation of the contemporary art sector through exhibitions and public installations. A big exhibition featuring pieces from the Lowbrow, Graffiti and Street Art movements is coming this months. On view from July 27th through August 24th, ‘From Here to There” features works of 34 artists, who created a lasting impact on today’s art scene. The art lovers will see among others, the works of Adele Renault, who’s best known for creating massive paintings of pigeons around the globe, revealing the street birds’ unexpected beauty; Candy Bird’s graffiti works voicing the topics of urbanism and marginalization; Benny Wilding’s mastery over surprising contrasts and associations; art of CEKIS, born at the streets of Chile and spread worldwide; works by DARBOTZ, the Indonesia’s faceless street artist and many more. Don’t miss the rare chance to see the works by worldwide street artists in one place.

The Maker