7,000 Years of Ancient Art

From the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire—Los Angeles Getty Villa prepares to unveil a complete reinstallation of its antiquities collection in April. An art show, inspired by Plato will mark the opening of the newly reinstalled space. 

When Timothy Potts, the only Getty Museum director with an expertise in antiquities, joined the museum, he had ideas for re-visioning the Getty Villa. It took five years to realize these ideas, and starting April 18th, the visitors can see the redefined collection, that follows the historical development of classical art. 

The inaugural exhibition in the newly reinstalled Getty Villa named Plato in L.A: Contemporary Artists Visions will gather the works by some of the today’s most celebrated artists, like Paul Chan, Rachel Harrison, Jeff Koons, Huang Yong Ping and others.

从石器时代到罗马帝国的陷落,洛杉矶Getty Villa(盖蒂伯庄博物馆)准备在四月推出其完整的古物收藏品。受柏拉图启发的艺术展将标志着重新装置的空间的开放。

蒂莫西·波茨(Timothy Potts)是唯一一位拥有古物专业知识的博物馆馆长,在他加入博物馆的时候,他对Getty Villa有了重新设想。经过5年的时间,从4月18日开始,参观者们可以看到重新定义,随着古典艺术的历史发展而来的藏品。

在重新装帧的Getty Villa首届展览中,以Plato L.A命名,将汇集当代一些最著名艺术家们的艺术作品,如陈保罗(Paul Chan)、雷切尔·哈里森(Rachel Harrison)、杰夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons)以及黄永平(Huang Yong Ping)等人的作品。

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