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A survey of Sheila Hick’s intimate practice with fiber continues in Demisch Danant.

For American artist Sheila Hicks, a Fulbright scholarship to paint in South America was a turning point. For the past sixty years, Hicks developed and intimate practice working with fibers, where her journeys, and discoveries are ‘woven into the fabric of each art work. The artist’s solo show in New York ‘Sheila Hicks: Line by Line, Step by Step’ will give the audience a more encompassing look at the artworks, with extended second chapter running until July 27th. a brand new selection of historical works by the artist accompanied by related French design objects are on the view additionally.


在Demisch Danant,一项关于Sheila Hicks(希拉·希克)与纤维紧密实践的调查仍在继续

对美国艺术家Sheila Hicks来说,借由富布赖特科学奖学金计划(Fulbright scholarship)赴南美作画是其一个转折点。在过去的60年里,希克斯发展并与与纤维紧密实践,她的旅程和发现都“编织在每件艺术作品的织物中”。这位艺术家在纽约的个展“Sheila Hicks:逐行,一步一步”将让观众更全面地了解这些艺术品,第二期将延续至7月27日。此外,展览还展出了艺术家全新的历史作品集,以及相关的法国设计作品。

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