Art Historian Mary Miller Takes the Helm at GRI

The Getty Research Institute is on a mission to preserve the world’s artistic knowledge at all levels, and it needs leaders, deeply invested in the mission. Distinguished art historian, expert of the art of the ancient New World, Mary Miller is just a person like that. 

One of the largest art and architecture libraries in the world, research, exhibition, and publication programs, scholars fellowships, residencies—-the Getty Research Institute provides incredible resources to push forward our knowledge of the history of art, archeology, and related disciplines. Now, all of it is under the guidance of an esteemed art historian Mary Miller, who will bring a fresh perspective to GRI. 

Aside from impressive academic accolades, Dr.Miller has curated or served on planning committees for numerous major exhibitions, including at the Kimbell Art Museum, National Gallery of Art and the de Young Museum. Her most recent work with the GRI includes two major exhibitions: Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA and Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915-1985 at LACMA. She also worked on Golden Kingdoms: Luxury Arts in the Ancient Americas at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Photo by Jon Atherton, Yale West Campus

Photo by Jon Atherton, Yale West Campus

Getty研究院的任务是维护世界各个层面的艺术知识,并且它需要领导者,投入使命。杰出的艺术史学家,新世界艺术专家Mary Miller就是这样一个人。

作为世界上最大的艺术、研究、展览:出版以及建筑图书馆之一,Gary研究所提供了令人难以置信的资源,以推动我们对艺术史,考古学和相关学科的了解。现在,这一切都在史学家Garry Millet的指导下进行的,他将为GRI带来全新的视角。

除了令人印象深刻的学术荣誉之外,Miller博士还策划了多个主要展览,还包括多个委员会的成员,其中有Kimbell Art Museum, National Gallery of Art以及the de Young Museum。她最近与GRI合作包括两个主要展览:太平洋标准时间:洛杉矶/洛杉矶和翻译发现以及加州和墨西哥的设计,LACMA1915-1985。她还曾在J. Paul Getty博物馆工作:古代美洲的奢侈品艺术。

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