Different Angle : Textile Roots

The first major exhibition in Mexico dedicated to Sheila Hicks, since her collaboration with Antonio Souza Gallery in 1962.

On the view from November 4th until April 2nd, 2018 in Museo Amparo, Sheila Hicks-Free Threads exhibition will offer a large number of rare works, not exhibited in decades, and a fresh interpretation artist’s contribution. The acclaimed American artist, Hicks lived in Mexico and traveled through Chile and the region, when she got acquainted with Pre-Columbian textiles and ancient weaving techniques. Her varied experiences in Latin America has influenced her art, adding pictorial and structural tendencies.

Hicks worked on textile projects for  Mathias Goeritz, Luis Barragán, and Ricardo Legoretta, among others, and photographed the experimental architecture of Felix Candela. She also wrote a thesis on Pre-Columbian textiles, presented at Yale University. Museo Amparo will include the thesis, along with travel documents on Latin America, photographs and records of her years in Mexico to provide a fuller context of the works.

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自1962年与安东尼奥·索萨画廊(Antonio Souza Gallery)合作以来,墨西哥第一次专门展出了希拉·希克斯(Sheila Hicks)

从11月4日至2018年4月2日,Amparo博物馆Sheila hicks - free Threads展览将展出大量罕见的作品,不同于其几十年来展出的,为艺术家的贡献带来新的诠释。这位著名的美国艺术家希克斯住在墨西哥,在智利和墨西哥旅行时,结识了前哥伦比亚纺织和古代编织技术。她在拉丁美洲的各种经历影响了她的作品,增加了绘画和结构倾向。

希克斯曾为马提亚·戈里茨(Mathias Goeritz)、路易斯·巴拉根(Luis Barragan)和里卡多·莱格列塔(Ricardo Legoretta)等人纺织项目工作,并拍摄了菲利克斯·坎德拉(Felix Candela)的实验性建筑。她还写了一篇关于前哥伦比亚纺织的论文。Amparo博物馆将展出这篇论文,连同拉丁美洲的旅行和她在墨西哥多年的照片和记录,以提供更完整的作品背景。

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