Fresh Perspective on the Artistic Legacy : Arshile Gorky


The artist’s first ever comprehensive survey in Italy to open at Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art in Venice.

On view from may 9th through September 22nd, “Arshile Gorky: 1904–1948” exhibition will showcase 80 of the artist’s works from early experiments to late paintings bridging surrealism and abstract-expressionism. In his painfully short life, Gorky became known for refusing the importance of theory and art historical narratives over individual artistic impulses, and synthesizing a new approach to painting, through various influences. The exhibition aims to offer a fresh perspective on Gorky’s legacy, contributing to the question whether he was he actually the first Post-Modernist. Save the date!



从5月9日到9月22日,“Arshile Gorky:1904-1948”将展出这位艺术家的80幅作品,从早期作品到后期绘画,弥合超现实主义和抽象表现主义。在其痛苦而短暂的一生中,高尔基以拒绝理论和艺术史叙事对个人艺术冲动的重要性而闻名,并通过各种影响综合了一种新的绘画方法。 该展览旨在为高尔基的遗作提供一个全新的视角,从而回答他是否是第一个后现代主义者的问题。预留时间吧!

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