From Natural Plastics to Embroidery . Nature by Design


Cooper Hewitt plans a massive series of exhibitions to illuminate the natural world’s influence on design across history.

On view through 2019-2021, the Nature by Design exhibitions will present nine distinct stories unveiled through Cooper Hewitt’s collection of over 210,000 objects. The audience will be invited to discover how nature and design intersected in the past and continue influence each other in the future. The first exhibition on view from March 30th, will bring the art lovers through the history of the traditional Japanese craft of katagami, followed by an exploration of paisley pattern, the beauty of natural plastics, embroidery and many other topics. Visit the official website for more details on each exhibition, and save the date!


Cooper Hewitt计划举办一系列大型展览,以阐明自然界对历史设计的影响。

从2019年到2021年,Nature by Design展将展示Cooper Hewitt收藏的210,000多件作品的九个不同的故事。观众将被邀请去发现自然和设计在过去是如何交叉,并在未来是如何继续相互影响。将于3月30日开幕的第一个展览,将带领艺术爱好者们感受传统日本工艺katagami历史,接着探索佩斯利图案、天然塑料之美、刺绣等诸多主题。访问官方网站了解更多关于每个展览的详情,并预留时间!

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