Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai

Photo courtesy of Magda Danysz

Photo courtesy of Magda Danysz

Magda Danysz, an owner of several art galleries, has made herself a reputation with iconic street art project in Paris. The Shanghai branch of MD Gallery was founded in 2012, while being relatively young, this gallery attracts numbers of art lovers regularly. The art space presents works from emerging Chinese artists along with more established international names. Previous exhibits showcased photography from Karl Lagerfeld’s personal collection as well as works of the Parisian street artists Miss Van and JR, Chinese artist Liu Bolin, Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf to name a few. You can experience the vision of Magda Danysz in Shanghai gallery, open Tuesday through Sunday (11AM to 6PM) at 188 Linqing road (close to Yangshupu Road).

Q:We know that you have three galleries in the world, why did you choose Shanghai to establish your gallery in China?

A:Shanghai came as an unexpected move. It was more my instincts that told me to go for it. I came for the Shanghai Biennale many years ago and was surprised to see the eagerness of the public for the shows. Immediately I thought something could be done. When people are curious there is always room for contemporary art. With time, after almost 8 years, this decision proved to be right. Many people still thank us for putting up ambitious shows and having them discover new artworks.

Shanghai overall appears as one of the most dynamic cities in the world and the art scene in the recent years has gotten very rich, thanks to the artists, the galleries and all the new museums that have shared their collections from Long museums to the YUZ museum and on the public side Power Station of Art which will soon host again the Shanghai Biennale.

I love this dynamic and to have the feeling of participating in the construction of something meaningful. Art is key for any city and an indicator of its intellectual development.

Last but not least Shanghai is the city where sky is the limit! This has enabled the gallery to produce amazing projects like among many others the INSIDE OUT project by JR last year, or the Prune Nourry Terracotta Daughters one. The Terracotta Daughters Army has been produced in China by the artist and has then travelled all around the world for one year.

On the business side, Shanghai is also a growing market which makes it possible to ensure a living to the artists by selling their works and make their projects viable.

Q:What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A:Helping the artists in the realization of their dream is quite rewarding. Every day we witness the passage from the idea to the real project and it feels great. It is even more rewarding when the public is happy about what they see.

Recently I have hosted the first show ever in China by the famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. The response of the public was amazingly good and this is great.

For many years I have also organized an artists' residency program and one of the very rewarding thing is when the artist who initially come for one or two weeks, not knowing what inspiration they will find, want to stay a few month or return to Shanghai as soon as possible. Then you know they have felt the best of inspiration.

Q:Where do you find inspiration to open a new exhibition ?

A:Annually I host about 25 shows a year overall in the different galleries and it became a challenge to have something to say and share each time. Basically I would say, to those who don't seem to understand what I do, this is my job : showing stories about our contemporary world.

It is great in China to work with Chinese artists and try to pay a tribute to the greatness of their visions. Having a huge exhibition space also helps to show quite diverse aspects of their works, like we did with Zhang Dali, Huang Rui or the younger generations like Li Hongbo or Yang Yongliang in the past and his amazing installations.

Q:How would you describe your lifestyle? How does it influence your work?

A:My lifestyle is intense I have to admit. Always travelling for the three galleries and getting to meet new artists and great collectors makes it that time flies. I try to find a balance with my great family and kids. With time I find it is more about love and sharing, the love for the kids, the love of art and all can be shared.

Photo courtesy of Magda Danysz

Photo courtesy of Magda Danysz

Magda Danysz,几个艺术画廊所有者,在巴黎获得了自己标志性的街头艺术项目的盛誉。 MD画廊上海分公司成立于2012年,它相对年轻,该画廊更常常吸引到大量的艺术爱好者。这个艺术空间展示来自中国新兴艺术家以及更为成熟的国际知名品牌的作品。先前展出了来自Karl Lagerfeld的个人收藏的摄影作品,以及巴黎街头艺术家Miss Van和JR,中国艺术家刘勃麟,荷兰摄影师Erwin Olaf等等的作品。您可以在周二到周日(上午11时至下午6时)到临青路188号(近杨树浦路)体验一番Magda Danysz上海画廊的美景美物。





最后但并非最不重要的是上海这个城市,天空才是它的极限!这使得画廊可以制作出令人惊讶的项目像是去年JR的INSIDE OUT项目,或者是Prune Nourry的《女童俑(Terracotta Daughters)》。这支《女童俑》队伍由艺术家在中国生产,随后花了一年时间走遍了世界各地。




最近我第一次在中国举办了著名荷兰摄影师Erwin Olaf的展览。公众的反应是令人惊讶的好,这感觉太棒了。







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