The Art of A Kiss

Vito Acconci Kiss Off, 1971 Lithograph 31x23in (78.7 x 58.4cm)

Vito Acconci
Kiss Off, 1971
31x23in (78.7 x 58.4cm)

In collaboraiton with Francesco Bonami, Luxembourg & Dayan present a group exhibition that rethinks the trope of the “kiss” in artworks. 

Back in 1971, Vito Acconci made a series of prints titled Kiss Off, which explored the act of kissing and what it can encompass. This year the exhibition takes Acconci’s Kiss Off as a cue, featuring works of Acconci, Patty Chang, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Joan Miró, Elizabeth Peyton, Francis Picabia, Sigmar Polke, and Andy Warhol, among others. On the view starting February 23rd through April 14th, KISS OFF will take the audience through the artistic explorations of the theme in 20th century, with some works very literal, like those of Sigmar Polke and Andy Warhol, while others—abstract.


在与弗朗切斯科 波纳米的合作中,卢森堡和达扬举办了一场重新思考艺术作品中“吻”的比喻的联展。


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