Young Artists to the Fore!


City University of Hong Kong holds and exhibition of 40 new media works of young Chinese artists. 

This spring, Hong Kong is an epicenter of Asian art scene—Art Basel, Art Central draw all the art lovers’ attention. Aside of media attention and craze, there’s also another art happening worth noting— an exhibition of young Chinese artists, working in the ‘new medium’ format. On view from March 22nd through April 19th, ‘On the way: young Chinese media artists’(在路上:中国青年媒体艺术家) this year showcases works of 36 artists to follow, including Jonas Chen, Zhuo Yinglan, Qu Qianwen, Kenny Wong, Song Gewen who presented their works themselves.


今年春天,香港是亚洲艺术界的中心——巴塞尔艺术中心,吸引了所有艺术爱好者的注意。除了媒体的关注和狂热,还有另一个值得关注的艺术事件——以“新媒体”形式举办的中国年轻艺术家展览。从3月22日到4月19日,《在路上:中国年轻媒体艺术家》。在路上: 中国青年媒体艺术家) 今年展出了36位艺术家的作品,其中包括陈祖南、卓英兰、瞿谦文、王健、宋格文等亲自介绍自己作品的艺术家。

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