Creators that Shaped Italian Design

After successful surveys of Japanese and Brazilian design, Downtown Gallery turns to showcasing the period, when “made in Italy” became a sign of radical reinvention of forms and functions.

On view from May 16th through June 23rd, The Italian Design: a radical turbulence exhibition presents an important period. The time, when designers like Gaetano Pesce, Ettore Sottssas, and groups like Superstudio and Archizoom worked to reinvent the colours, shapes and the initial aspect of the piece of the furniture. The radically different approach to how furniture is designed surged in 1960’s Italy and continued up until the 1980s and 1990s. Laffanour Galerie Downtown puts together a show, that captures these changes in design with a selection of pieces by Italian designers, who changed things in their own way.



从5月16日到6月23日,The Italian Design:一个激进的动荡展览呈现出一个重要的时期。 当时像Gaetano Pesce、Ettore Sottssas这样的设计师以及像Superstudio和Archizoom这样的团队,致力于重新设计家具的颜色、形状和最初的外观。在1960年代意大利,家具设计的方式开始变得截然不同,并持续到20世纪80年代和90年代。Laffanour Galerie Downtown 画廊举办了一场展览,通过精选意大利设计师的作品,捕捉到了设计中的这些变化,他们以自己的方式改变着一切。

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