Iceland Blue Lagoon All to Yourself

Iceland’s number one tourist attraction, the Blue Lagoon, finally has its own hotel.

Given that Iceland is packed with geothermal activity, recently completed the Retreat at Blue Lagoon is surprisingly the country’s first spa hotel.

Situated within the UNESCO Global Geopark, the Blue Lagoon comprises of a series of pools with geothermal waters, which have healing benefits for the skin. The hotel’s vision is to showcase the natural beauty of the region, minimizing the building’s impact on its surroundings.  Design Group Italia, in collaboration with Basalt Architects, envisioned and designed this holistic hotel, building it into a centuries-old lava flow on the Lagoon’s south shore. The Retreat offers exquisite rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows to uninterrupted views of the hotel’s lagoon, a private pool, a restraint, bar, and a spa. 

The 62-suite Retreat offers a truly holistic stay, where you can literally disconnect from the crowds. Iceland’s iconic landmark, Blue Lagoon is typically overrun with tourists, but at the Retreat, you can enjoy Blue Lagoon privately and in style.

The Maker