LACMA’s $650 Million New Building Gets Approval

Courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner / The Boundary

Courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner / The Boundary

After the county board of supervisors voted “yes” to the current building plan, nothing can stop one of the most ambitious museum transformations.

Six years ago, LACMA representatives said that the older structures from the 1960s are too outdated and expensive to renovate, announcing the new building. Finally, on April 9th, the museum shared that the project has been approved, and will receive $117.5 million in funding from the county on the $650 million project. Pritzker prize winner Peter Zumthor is in charge of building design, which to date undergone three iterations. Despite the controversy, surrounding the project, LACMA aims for a museum that “can be as open and accessible as a public plaza, and as intimate, and intellectually spiritual and personal as a single encounter with a work of art”.

According to the museum, demolition and construction will begin in late 2019 and finish by the end of 2023.



六年前,LACMA的代表们在宣布新建筑时表示,上世纪60年代的老建筑太过时了,翻新成本太高。最后,在4月9日,博物馆宣布该项目已获批准,并获得监管委员会1.175亿美元的资金,用于6.5亿美元的项目。普利兹克奖得主Peter Zumthor负责建筑设计,迄今为止经历了三次迭代。尽管围绕该项目存在争议,LACMA的目标是建立一个“可以像公共广场一样开放和接近,像与一件艺术作品的一次邂逅一样亲密、理智、精神和个人”的博物馆。


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