Thomas Dariel

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel

Curiosity, diverse and filled with inspiration-Thomas Dariel has the essence of a true 21st Century designer. The founder and creative mind behind Maison DADA and Dariel Studio creates unexpected from ordinary objects. His style is that of a playful musician filled with provocative and bold notion. Perhaps he got this from his grandfather, who inadvertently was a jazz musician. Thomas has not forgotten his roots, as he is known for blending his rich French heritage with a touch of Eastern culture. He focuses on the individuality of each one of his projects, making sure they are unique and true to the demands of his clients. The color choices and shapes he plays with adds more flavor and mystery to his works. Thomas truly has the inner works, thoughts and curiosity of a great designer.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel

Q: As we know you are an interior designer, now you have also become a furniture designer, what’s the difference between two approaches?

A: There are a lot of differences between an interior designer and a product designer.

The perception, the way of thinking, the cultural approaches, the starting mind process when you start a new project. I was trained as a product designer at the beginning. I was trained for 6 years to be able to design brush tooth, phones, tables, car, trains etc. And suddenly in my life I started to design interiors for houses and restaurants. I liked the fact to be able to mix the two cultures and to design an interior design with my set mind of product designers.

I like Thomas Heatherwick when he designs a building or bridge. He is a product designer, and he uses this particular sensibility to design buildings and become one of the geniuses of our generation.

The difference of the two cultures gave me more freedom for creation, I don't have to follow the rules of interior process, and I create my own rules. I have a total different way of thinking compare to other interior designer, my weakness became my strength.

I like the difference between the two cultures and I will cultivate it even more.

Q: How long does it takes you to design a furniture?

A: The idea of design, it takes 1 second. It is like a desire, a willing. It came to you like suddenly.

You can work during days, on sketches… and nothing come out. And suddenly BAM! The right idea, the right thing to design.

The longest part is the prototyping part. You need at least 2-3 months. And 2-3 prototypes to even start to call it a good product.

Q: How would you describe your lifestyle and how does it influence your work?

A: I feel free, I live free. And I am fighting for my freedom every day. To be able to design everything I want. Make my own mistakes and successes, discovering the culture, the people, the artists, the countries I want. It’s a reflection of my lifestyle. 

I have a very calm and very intense lifestyle at the same time. Colourful and diverse. Surrounded by different cultures and people.

I feel very lucky.

Life is easy, is hard, is beautiful, is unfair and cruel sometimes, and when you are free in your mind you have to create your own rules.

And this freedom, this diversity that I am looking at, have a major influence in my work and my creations.

Life is your game field. I will see only at the end where my freedom brings me. Maybe with great pieces, maybe with just my happiness.

Q: If you could give any advice to a young Chinese Designer, what would it be?

A: I started my life with a quote from a French artist Jean Cocteau that have obsessed me a lot:

"Find First , search after ."

I realized a couple years after the real meaning of this sentence.

Instead of being classical by giving a classic advices like:  be curious, or design every day, every minute (which is important) etc. I want to use this Cocteau quote as advice to young Chinese designer generation.

"Find first and search after."

Search for the eternity is something that each designer have to be able to do.

What I am also very proud of with my Maison Dada, is to be able to work with very talented young designers like Yuue Design studio coming from Bauhaus School in Germany, or Wuuu design. Be able to promote them, to prototype their products, to push them. I feel very honoured to participate. I have a great faith in the new generation.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel  

Photo courtesy of Thomas Dariel

好奇心、多样化和充满灵感——Thomas Dariel是一位21世纪实至名归的设计师。作为Maison DADA和Dariel Studio的创始人及主创灵魂,总是能够给普通的物件创造出意外惊喜。他的风格如同一名俏皮的音乐家充满了刺激性和大胆创新,这也许是得益于他的爵士音乐家祖父, Thomas没有忘记自己的根,他更因融合丰富法国文化遗产和东方文化设计而享誉盛名。他致力于每一个项目的个性化,确保它们独一无二的同时充分地满足客户的需求。在他的作品中,他对颜色的选择和形状的塑造更是增加了许多独特的味道和神秘感。Thomas名副其实地是一个内在充满精神、思想和好奇心的伟大设计师。

Q: 我们知道你是一位室内设计师,你现在也已经成为了家具设计师,在这两者之间有什么不同呢?

A: 室内设计师和产品设计师之间有很大的差异。


我喜欢Thomas Heatherwick当他设计一个建筑物或桥梁的时候。他是一位产品设计师,他用这种特殊的感觉来设计建筑,成为我们这一代的天才之一。


Q: 你需要多长时间来设计一件家具?

A: 一个设计的创意想法,只需要1秒。它就像一种渴望,一个愿望。它会突然来到你的脑海中。



Q: 你会怎样描述你的生活方式,它又是如何影响你的工作的?

A: 我感受自由,并且自由地生活着。而我每天都为我的自由奋斗着。为了能够设计出我想要的一切。我会犯错误也会取得成功,发现我想要的文化,人物,艺术家和国家。这是我生活方式的写照。






Q: 如果你可以给一个年轻的中国设计师提供一些建议,那会是什么?

A: 我将法国艺术家 Jean Cocteau的一句话作为我生活的座右铭,它影响了我很多:






我也对我的Maison Dada很自豪,能够与非常有才华的年轻设计师一起工作,比如来自德国包豪斯学院的Yuue设计工作室,或Wuuu设计。可以有助于推销他们,他们的原型产品,推动他们。我感到很荣幸能够参与其中。我对新一代有着强大的信念。

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