Young and Promising : MoMA Winner

Photo courtesy of MoMA

Photo courtesy of MoMA

Jenny Sabin Studio selected as winner of the 2017 Young Architects program. 

For architects and designers around the world, MoMA program remais one of the most significant opportunities to build transformative ideas. This year's winner Jenny Sabin Studio will do just that, opening on June 29th in the MoMA PS1 courtyard fo the 20th season of Warm Up, a pioneering outdoor music series. Lumen is an emmersive design work, including responsive tubular structures in a lightweight knitted fabric. It incorporates a canopy of recycled, high-tech textiles, that absorb, collect and deliver light. It's not long, until visitors will experience the winning design, which evolvs over the course of a day. 


Jenny Sabin Studio 被选为2017年轻建筑师项目的冠军

对于全世界的建筑师和设计师来说,MoMA 项目仍然是构建变革观点最显著的机会之一。今年的冠军 Jenny Sabin Studio 将要做的正是变革。6月29日在 MoMA PS1 庭院举办第20季热身赛-一项前沿的户外音乐系列比赛。Lumen 是一项仿真式设计作品,包括轻质编制织物中反应灵敏的管状结构。它融合了可吸收,采集并传输光能的一系列再利用高科技织物。不久,经过一天的时间,参观者就会体验到获奖设计的神奇之处。

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