Barometer of the times - Sundance Film Festival

The Egyptian Theater on Main Street in Park City.

The Egyptian Theater on Main Street in Park City.

The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing, as always showcasing often-topical indie films with documentaries about the hot-button issues of the day. See what movies has already made a statement in the five days of the festival.

Every year since Sundance Film Festival began, in 1985, it’s been evolving and this year the lineup of the films screen in the first few days make a point of embracing diversity as ever. Some 40% of this year’s movies were directed by a woman, while 36% —made by people of color, and films that have gotten the most buzz at this year’s festival so far almost all have a significant amount of contemporary resonance.

The movie that centers around underrepresentation of women in television writers’ rooms—“Late Night”, by far scored the biggest sale. Other highlights include “The Report” celebrating investigative journalism, “Native Son”, a timely adaptation of Richard Wright’s novel, and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”. Some array of this year’s film put cultural inclusion in the focus, with stories ranging from a Chinese-American women in conflict with her family’s culture in “The Farewell”, to a story about a Pakistani teen in Britain who finds his voice by listening to Bruce Springsteen in “Blinded by the Light” to name a few.

The festival is in full swing now, with more films and stories to come on screen until February 3rd. If you couldn’t make it to Utah this year, tune into one daily live streams to get a feel of unique festival moments. All live streams are available on and at

圣丹斯电影节(Sundance Film Festival)正如火如荼地进行着,一如既往地用纪录片形式的独立电影来展示日常热议问题。现在来看看哪些电影已经在电影节的五天里发表了声明。 


围绕电视编剧室女性比例不足的电影—Late Night,获得了迄今为止最大的票房。其他关注点包括庆祝调查性新闻—The Report、根据Richard Wright小说改编的Native Son,以及The Last Black Man in San Francisco影片。今年一些电影把文化纳入重点,从一位美籍华裔女性与家人发生冲突的The Farewell,到Blinded by the Light讲述一个巴基斯坦的孩子在英国通过听布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀的歌找到他自己声音的故事,等等。


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