Beyond Tesla Green Car Trends


Even among the people not quite following the eco-conscious lifestyle yet, it seems almost indecent nowadays not to know about Tesla cars. The brand practically became synonymous to eco-friendly cars of the future, somehow already manufactured today. Tesla made a revolution, no less, in the automobile industry and now the bar is raised high. It also means, that green car concept trend is so ‘it’ now, other car brands are eager to ride it, exploring eco features in their own way.  

BMW is here to take luxury to a sustainability level offering a limousine with fuel-efficient and electric driving modes. The 740e iPerformance is a high-tech BMW car, designed eco-friendly without compromising the splendor.

In the meantime, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first fully electric truck, with a total weight of 26 tons. The concept in developing would make distribution throughout cities quite and free of carbon emissions.

While many car manufacturers focus on eliminating emissions to bring the green car, Ford looks in a different direction. In the end of July, the brand announced it had teamed up with tequila giant Jose Cuervo to turn agave into bio plastic car parts. Buckle up, because the possibilities of cross-industrial ‘green up’ will sure surprise you more in the future.





尽管许多汽车制造商致力于消除排放,带来的环保汽车,福特看起来在不同道路发展。在七月末,品牌宣布龙舌兰酒巨头Jose Cuervo联手,把龙舌兰转化为生物塑料汽车零部件。系好安全带,因为跨行业“环保”的会在未来给你无限惊喜。

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