Charlize Therons Subtle Environmentalism

Eco-conscious people stepping up for the environmental battle choose their armor from the issue of focus to activism methods, but more often than not there’s not much meaning behind loud statements. Among the A-list celebrities in Hollywood, charity work is practically a common decency, a prerequisite of keeping the good image.

The wheels of environmental movement are often greased with the support of top celebs, but while the eco-battle would use any support at its disposal, in many cases its clear, where the PR stunt starts and real concerns end. On the other hand, it takes a precise eye to recognize a subtle environmentalist and Charlize Theron might just be the one.

The South Africa-born actress got the universal praise not only with her Oscar-winning performance in complex movies, but with impressive charity work. Charlize is the founder of Africa Outreach Project, which makes a significant impact in battling the violence against  women and other urging social issues in the region. The actress went further in this noble work, when she became a designated UN Messenger of Peace.

Sure, Charlize’s charity efforts focus most notably on women’s well-being, yet her attention is not limited by social issues only. Everything she does interconnects, bringing out the outstanding projects. For instance, her collaboration with TOMS Shoes on eco-friendly footwear, not only set to improve children’s living conditions in South Africa, but did it sustainably too. Same goes for her involvement with The Food Bank for New York City: on top of providing food to the city’s hungry, the organization elevates the sustainability awareness. By coordinating the distribution of food donations from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, the system closes the loop: food not wasted, has a lesser environmental impact. With several interconnected issues solved a time, we’ve got a better chance for impact in the environmental movement.






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