Clotilde Courau

Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

Clotilde Courau is 'Princess of Venice' and a prolific career artist, who loves theater stage profoundly and succeeds in cinema. Award winning French actress chooses intense, but fascinating projects like recent 'In the Shadow of Women' by Philippe Garrel or film about ISIS, based on true story. It seems that freedom is among the most important features of her complex life: freedom not to follow the standards but passions, be it career, fashion or lifestyle.

1. How would you describe your lifestyle? To be an actress, a wife and a mother, how do you combine them perfectly?

I grew up with a single mother having three sisters in a very humble place . I'm very found that my mother gave us so much to me and my sisters and all she wanted was our happiness. I wanted to share that with you because probably that s why I want a lifestyle as simple as it could be in respect of the values she thought me. I'm very happy to be working and at the same time raising my children and relaying the value of dignity,compassion, faith, self, respect, solidarity that I believe in.

It's not simple everyday and I'm lucky enough to to have a family and learn also to stop worrying and leave life in the present time ... There s always a solution

2. How does your childhood in Africa influence your life?

Living in Africa ( Benin ) as a little girl made me understand the importance and the strength of our roots in our tradition , the respect also of our land . Man can't think of themselves as superior to nature . He need her to survive ...

3. Can you describe a little bit about your latest works?

I just finished shooting a film on ISIS and how a single mother lost her girl in Syria.
It was intense and a very dramatic Character.
It's a true story ... And a film I thought was important to do today with what Europe is going through now.

4. If you could give any advice to a young Chinese actor, what would it be?

If I had any advice for a young actor it would be to be a true believer, have a passion for art, have faith, curiosity and never and ever give up a dream and work hard and have a real discipline

Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

Clotilde Courau是“威尼斯王妃”及一位多产的职业艺术家,深深地热爱着戏剧舞台并在电影业中非常成功。她在竞争激烈的法国女演员票选中获胜,亦参与了有趣的项目,如最近由Philippe Garrel执导的《女人的阴影》或由真实故事改编关于ISIS的电影。似乎自由是她复杂的生活中最重要的特点:自由不遵循标准,而遵循激情,无论是职业,时尚或生活方式。








Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

Clotilde Courau ©Roch Armando

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