DiCaprio Debuts at TIFF

If Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary won’t elevate your environmental concerns, what will?

A-list actor is known for being a very vocal environmentalist, consumed by his quest to save the planet from ecological collapse. Last Friday, DiCaprio made his Toronto Film Festival debut with documentary Before the Flood, a powerful chronicle of a world in crisis. The film journey covers quite a map: from Miami, Beijing and Indonesia to Canada among other locales, which DiCaprio visits to chronicle the dangers of climate change.

Directed by Fisher Stevens, the film attracted Martin Scorsese and Brett Ratner as producers.

After the successful world premiere in Toronto, Before the Flood will hit the theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting October 21st and then air globally on the National Geographic.

如果Leonardo DiCaprio的新纪录片不会提高人们的环保意识,还有什么可以呢?

这个一线演员是为环保发声的环保主义者,为了拯救地球生态消耗。上星期五,DiCaprio与他的纪录片《Before the Flood》在多伦多的电影节上首次亮相,影片讲述了强大的世界危机的历史。这部电影的旅程相当于地图:从迈阿密、北京和印度尼西亚加拿大等地区,DiCaprio记录气候变化的危险。

电影由Fisher Stevens执导,Martin Scorsese和Brett Ratner作为制片人。

多伦多全球首映大获成功后,10月21日开始,《Before the Flood》将在纽约和洛杉矶的剧院上映,在《美国国家地理》杂志全球发售。

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