Fendi’s Further Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

The brand will dedicate a show that will reprise all Lagerfeld’s creations during hist 54-year tenure at Fendi.

Taking important commemorative shows to Rome is shaping up to be a trend for Fendi. Last time, it was the 2016 Haute Couture collection to honor the brand’s 90th anniversary, this year it’s an homage to late Karl Lagerfeld. Scheduled for July 4th, the couture runway show is a bigger fashion farewell, following the tribute to the legendary late designer at Fall 2019 show in Milan last February. Although there’s no location announcement yet, one thing is confirmed: the couture collection, which will be designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and the creative team, will be on display in Rome following the show.


Karl Lagerfeld的逝世标记了这个2019秋冬秀场,给时尚界带来了一场哀悼。没过多久,有关拉格斐传记的讨论就开始了。尽管我们可以肯定,有关拉格斐的书不止几本,但William Middleton已经做出了决定。他提议写一本非传统的传记,聚焦于“他生命中最激动人心的时刻……他周围的世界以及他与流行文化的激烈碰撞。”与HarperCollins出版社合作。


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