How Do You Measure An Impact of the Film Event?


The Sundance Film Festival recently revealed, that it brought in a total economic impact of $182 million to Utah in 2019.

Even though, Utah is a state that enjoys a steady influx of tourists all year round, the Sundance Film Festival is a yearly event that brings a huge spike in visitors numbers. This year, 122,000 attendees from all over the U.S and 35 other countries gathered in Utah from January 24th to February 4th. On top of screening and live programming, the Sundance Film Festival brings an increasingly wide and diverse audience from around the globe to Utah each year allowing to support artists and showcase the state of Utah to the world. This is how, since its founding, the festival not only became one of the major cultural events in Utah, but became an important part of the economic fabric of the state.


从今年开始,圣丹斯电影节就有了新的合作伙伴Filmfreeway,这是世界上最常用的电影节提交平台。 Filmfreeway和圣丹斯研究院签署了一份为期三年的独家协议,合作定制电影提交流程。

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