Hydroponics : Urban Gardening Cutified


When it comes to eco design, turns out, ‘green’ concept has oh, so many shades. Environmentally conscious lifestyle teaches to think broader and tackle various issues creatively, not clinging only to the iconic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In the line of green routines, there’s one hot trend hard to miss: DIY everything is fueling the ‘grow it yourself’ methods to bring gardening into the life of urban jungle inhabitants. Making the dinner from freshly cut greens, that you proudly grown yourself is our new joy of cooking. Aside from benefits of conscious eating, this practice reduces food waste and makes homemade food case quite appealing against the environmentally non-friendly ordering ins. More good news: there’s just the right green design for the cause appeared on the market.

IKEA announced this year its first in a lineup of compact hydroponic systems for urban indoor gardening. Hydroponics offers a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. To be completely honest, there are already other solutions and the market becomes overcrowded as every player aims to bring hydroponic to a mainstream household. But in typically IKEA manner, the company brought a naturally adoring sense of style to their product.

The new KRYDDA/VÄXER is designed to introduce small, entry-level hydroponic systems with affordably classic appearance. On top of it, it’s solar powered: the growing tray is equipped with a solar lamp and built-in water consumption sensor. The first in the series of systems launched in the UK might be limited in functions, but with such cutified concept, hopefully it won’t take long to literally bring gardening into every home.






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