Prepare to be Carried Away by Music


Benjamin Appl to debut at Hong Kong this spring.

Dubbed ‘the current frontrunner in the new generation of Lieder singers, Benjamin Appl is ready to mesmerize Hong Kong listeners. Held at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall on April 23rd, the concert is supported by the Goethe Institute, the South African Consulate General and the British Council. 

Appl, who is a celebrated soloist and opera performer, will bring to life the piano-and-voice partnership of 19th century Lieder and celebrated South African pianist James Baillieu. The awaited concert is promising to be a prominent debut on all fronts— two top young performers and Premiere Performances’ first voice recital.


今年春天Benjamin Appl将于香港首演

被称为新一代民谣歌手的领跑者,Benjamin Appl已经准备好迷住香港的听众。由歌德学院、南非总领事馆和英国文化协会赞助的音乐会将于4月23日在香港大会堂音乐厅举行。

Appl是一名著名的独唱和歌剧演员,他将带来19世纪Lieder和著名南非钢琴家James Baillieu的钢琴与声音的合作。期待已久的演唱会有望在各大舞台上亮相——来自两名顶尖的年轻演员和Premiere Performance首次演唱会。

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