Record-Breaking Submissions for Sundance

Top, L-R:    Pahokee  ,  photo by Patrick Bresnan;    Anthropocene: The Human Epoch  ,    photo courtesy of Sundance Institute;    WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES   , photo courtesy of Sundance Institute. Bottom, L-R:    Honeyland   , photo by Samir Ljuma;    Birds of Passage   , photo by Mateo Contreras;    Velvet Buzzsaw  ,  photo by Claudette Barius .

Top, L-R: Pahokeephoto by Patrick Bresnan; Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, photo courtesy of Sundance Institute; WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES, photo courtesy of Sundance Institute. Bottom, L-R: Honeyland, photo by Samir Ljuma; Birds of Passage, photo by Mateo Contreras; Velvet Buzzsawphoto by Claudette Barius.

112 features will be showcased at Sundance 2019

The festival, which will take place from January 24—February 3, 2019, in Utah, is the annual independent movies celebration. This year, the competition for the coveted place in the festival was fierce— the feature films to be showcased at 2019 Sundance were selected among record-breaking 14, 259 submissions from 152 countries. The selected works represent 33 countries and 45 first-time filmmakers, giving a big platform for storytelling voices from women, people of color, and LGBTQIA communities, with the majority of feature film submissions being international. More lineup announcements are coming, stay tuned!

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