Sundance Institute Adds Four New Trustees

Jason Blum, Ebs Burnough, Lynette Wallworth and Lisa-Michele Church

Jason Blum, Ebs Burnough, Lynette Wallworth and Lisa-Michele Church

Jason Blum, Ebs Burnough, Lynette Wallworth and Lisa-Michele Church will bring deep experience and broad expertise spanning communications, emerging media, and film production to the Institute’s governance.

Sundance Institute constantly evolves its mission to support emerging artists around the world and connect audiences to their work. The new trustees will work closely with President & Founder Robert Redford, Board Chair Pat Mitchell and Executive Director Keri Putnam and will bring their unique perspectives to the table, according to the release. Jason Blum, three-time Academy Award-nominated producer, has an extensive record of accomplishments, including pioneering the lucrative model of producing high-quality micro-budget films.

Ebs Burnough has worked in a variety of senior level positions, and during his tenure with the Obama Administration, Burnough was at the center of producing and marketing high energy, high profile events on the global stage&

Lynette Wallworth is an award-winning Australian artist/filmmaker, who has been showcased her work regularly at New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival for the past decade.

Finally, Lisa-Michele Church, whose background spans more than 30 years of public service and private practice as an attorney and community activist, will join the Board as a non-voting appointee.

These four trustees will be joining the Board, that consists of 24 cultural and philanthropic leaders.


Jason Blum、Ebs Burnough、Lynette Wallworth和Lisa-Michele Church将为协会的管理带来丰富的经验和广泛的专业知识,涵盖通信、新兴媒体和电影制作。

圣丹斯研究院不断发展其使命,支持世界各地的新兴艺术家,并将观众与他们的作品联系起来。根据新发布的消息,新受托人将与董事长兼创始人Robert Redford,董事会主席Pat Mitchell和执行董事Keri Putnam密切合作,并带来他们独特的观点。曾三次获得奥斯卡奖提名的制片人Jason Blum拥有丰富的成就记录,其中包括开创了制作高质量低预算电影的盈利模式。 

Ebs Burnough曾在多个高级职位工作,在奥巴马政府任职期间,Burnough是全球舞台上生产和营销高能量、高知名度的中心。

Lynette Wallworth是一位屡获殊荣的澳大利亚艺术家/电影制作人,在过去的十年里,他一直在圣丹斯电影节的New Frontier展示其作品。

最后,Lisa-Michele Church将以无投票权的身份加入董事会,拥有超过30年的公共服务和私人执业经验,也是一名律师和社区活动人士。

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