Supporting 11 Emerging Storytellers

L to R, top to bottom  :  Fawaz Al-Matrouk  ( Mr. Rob) ,  Haley Anderson  ( Coyote Boys ),  Justin Denis ( Beware of the Boomerang ),  Adamma Ebo  ( Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul ),  Skye Emerson  ( Challenger ),  Gerardo Coello Escalante  ( Forgive Us Sinners) ,  Deborah Esquenazi  ( Queen of Wands ),  Tiffanie Hsu ( Wonderland ),  Carlen May-Mann   and Beck Kitsis  ( Strawberry Summer ), and  Laurel Parmet  ( The Starling Girl ).

L to R, top to bottom: Fawaz Al-Matrouk (Mr. Rob), Haley Anderson (Coyote Boys), Justin Denis(Beware of the Boomerang), Adamma Ebo (Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul), Skye Emerson (Challenger), Gerardo Coello Escalante (Forgive Us Sinners), Deborah Esquenazi (Queen of Wands), Tiffanie Hsu(Wonderland), Carlen May-Mann and Beck Kitsis (Strawberry Summer), and Laurel Parmet (The Starling Girl).

Thanks to Sundance’s support in form of its prestigious Screenwriters Intensive, an array of works from emerging artists will have a chance to see a wider audience.

A group of writers will connect in Los Angeles for two-day Intensive starting on February 28th, filled with workshops and networking for cinematic storytellers from underrepresented communities developing their first fiction feature. This year’s projects range from stories on reconciling faith with personal demons, first NASA class to include women to deeply intimate accounts on becoming a woman and hidden dangers of growing up as one. Visit Sundance website to know more about the 2019 Screenwriters Intensive projects, and meet its extraordinary fellows.

感谢Sundance以其著名Screenwriters Intensive形式提供的支持,一批新兴艺术家的作品将有机会面对更广泛的观众。

从2月28日开始,一群作家将在洛杉矶进行为期两天的课程活动,届时以讲习班形式和网络帮助被忽视的电影讲述者创作他们的第一部故事片。今年的项目范围从信仰与个人阴暗面的调和到NASA首次将女性纳入课程,关于如何成为一名女性以及如何成长为一名女性的潜在危险的深入细致的描述。 访问圣丹斯网站,了解更多关于2019年Screenwriters Intensive项目,以及非凡的研究员。

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