The Body Shop and Clean Energy

New sustainability goal from the pioneers of eco beauty.

When Anita Roddick founded the Body Shop back in 1976, she walked down the unfamiliar path. The Body Shop was one of the first companies to decry animal testing and to use Fair Trade, natural ingredients in some of their products. But when the company was purchased by French beauty brand L’Oreal in 2006, it started losing its place of an eco-brand in the minds of customers. 

But that might be changing gradually, especially with the new sustainability effort. The company announced, that it intends to source 100% of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020. The brand will target key areas including ingredients, packaging, clean energy and employees, recording the progress, good and bad, in Commitment Reports. Wether it will be a traditional report, or the company will opt for another format. Like recently released “Enrich Not Exploit’ 16 episode video series.

1976年,当Anita Roddick创立了美体小铺的时候,她走了一条不熟悉的道路。 美体小铺是第一批谴责动物试验并在其部分产品中使用天然成分(公平贸易)的公司之一。 但在2006年法国美容品牌欧莱雅收购该公司时,它开始在消费者心目中失去了生态品牌的地位。

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