The Future of TV Series

With 2,600 submissions, Sundance Institute for the fourth time has selected 11 fellows for Episodic Lab, the year-round support program for emerging television writers. 

The program, which identifies new and diverse voices, provides a customized, ongoing support from creative advisors, industry mentors and feature film program staff. The fellows are the new generation of storytellers, who have a jump-start to their careers with the help of the program, enabling them to bring the new perspectives to the future of TV episodic format. 

The topics of this year’s projects range from awkward family dynamics to explorations on crime effects on a community, with creators coming from diverse backgrounds. The 2017 fellows include: Jaquén Castellanos, Anna Kerrigan, Jacob Chase, Aric Avelino, Brian Shin, Sachin Dharwadker, Rose Surnow, Russell Friedenberg, April Shih, and Alan J.Van Dyke. Remember this names—there might be creators of your future favourite shows among them



今年项目主题的创作者来自不同的背景,主题从尴尬的家庭动态到对社区犯罪影响的探索。 2017年的研究员包括:Jaquén Castellanos,Anna Kerrigan,Jacob Chase,Aric Avelino,Brian Shin,Sachin Dharwadker,Rose Surnow,Russell Friedenberg,April Shih和Alan J.Van Dyke。记住这些名字---因为这里极有可能有你未来最喜爱的节目的创作者。

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