The New Way of Storytelling and Everything Around It

In addition to a massive lineup, the 2019 Sundance Film Festival will include dozens of offscreen events. The panels and conversations will exploring storytelling, radical data transparency, the future of democracy at its intersection with the arts, behind-the-scenes panels and more.

Few days left until the 2019 edition of Sundance Film Festival takes over Park City, and there’s a lot to look forward to beside the on-screen events. The longstanding Power of Story series continues this year with two topics exploring the new narrative revolution and filmmakers who push boundaries in their work. Another set of events will focus on democracy and its intersection with journalism. In addition, there will be Cinema Café daily series of informal chats, which this year will invite Jackie Chan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jane Campion, Boots Riley among others. See the full program at the official website.


除了庞大的阵容,2019年的Sundance Film Festival(圣丹斯电影节)还将包括数十场银幕外的活动。小组讨论和对话将探讨讲故事、数据透明度、民主与艺术交叉的未来、幕后花絮等等。 

离2019年Sundance Film Festival(圣丹斯电影节)开幕还有几天时间,除了荧屏活动之外,还有很多值得期待的事情。今年,Power of Story系列继续推出两个主题,探讨新的叙事革命和以及电影制作人在作品中突破界限。 另一系列活动将关注民主及其与新闻业的交集。 此外,电影咖啡厅每天还会有一系列的非正式聊天,今年将邀请Jackie Chan、Chiwetel Ejiofor、Jane Campion、Boots Riley等人参加。详情请参阅官方网站。

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