When Technology Meets Visual Storytelling

Top, L-R   (antiquated) Augmented RealityGhost Fleet VR   , photo by Lucas Gath    Esperpento   , photo courtesy of Sundance Institute. Bottom, L-R:    Belle of the Ball   , photo courtesy of Sundance Institute;;    4 Feet: Blind Date   , photo by Ana Volenweider;    A Jester’s Tale   , photo courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Top, L-R(antiquated) Augmented RealityGhost Fleet VR, photo by Lucas Gath Esperpento, photo courtesy of Sundance Institute. Bottom, L-R: Belle of the Ball, photo courtesy of Sundance Institute;; 4 Feet: Blind Date, photo by Ana Volenweider; A Jester’s Tale, photo courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Sundance New Frontier Lineup is getting bigger, taking over two venues this year.

For over a decade, Sundance New Frontier programming has been illuminating how technology can enhance visual storytelling, showcasing works at the dynamic crossroads of film, art and VR, AR, MR, and AI. This year, 33 projects from 10 countries were selected, representing the new realities independent storytellers create. The projects include a diverse array of films and performances, exhibitions, VR cinema projects and more.

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