Chapter 16 : Dancing

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If you want to work out, enjoying yourself and picking up an exciting new skill, dancing may be the thing for you. Classes abound and it’s a chance to meet new people.

What’s that? You have two left feet? You dance like a Dad at a wedding? Would you go to French class if you spoke fluent French?


Originating in South America and the Caribbean, with different schools from the US, Latin dancing is becoming more and more popular in China. Embracing Latin culture in the form of Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Samba, Tango and more, this style of dancing is all about the hips. It is very easy to find classes in the cities.


With African American roots and Caribbean influence, Jazz encompasses a huge array of styles and traditions. With more freedom of expression than some other types of dance, it is constantly changing and evolving, as well as being a great source of exercise.


Ballet began as a dance in Renaissance Italy and has turned into one of the world’s most recognized dances with prestigious schools around the world. It has become synonymous with high-brow taste and performances of Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty attracts viewers in droves.

Pole Dancing

Once controversial and kept hidden inside strip clubs, pole dancing is coming into the foray as a great workout and a chance to wear tight shorts. Helping to strengthen and tone muscles, it serves as a great way to improve your figure.


From the streets of America where dance crews in the seventies would have legendary street battles。


你害怕自己不会跳舞所以会丑态百出? 不用担心,想象一下,如果你会说一口流利的法语还会出现在法语课堂吗?











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