Chapter 14 : Getting Fit – What Not to Do

You might think you make a really cute potato, but at other times you find yourself wondering if there is another way. Imagine being able to run through the hills of Salzburg singing all day – and not being out of breath within five minutes.

Fitness is about more than just looking good. Being fit is part of leading a healthy life and reducing your risk of catching diseases or aging prematurely. But, yes, it makes you look good too.

With so many guide books and courses and videos out there, working out how to start getting into an aesthetically pleasing shape can be overwhelming. Jumping in and doing too much too soon without proper guidance can lead you to giving up after a few tries.

Getting into shape isn’t easy. But it is easier to stay in shape once you’re there.

There is no quick fix that will see you shed thirty pounds in three days or give you abs in a week. Getting fit is a long and painful marathon, not a quick light sprint. Following fitness plans that promise quick results is a sure way to disappointment.

Compliment your fitness routine with an all-round healthy lifestyle. There’s no point running three times a week if you’re going to spend every night eating burgers, smoking profusely and drinking a gallon of beer.

Getting fit does not have to mean jogging. Some people hate jogging and it’s perfectly okay to get fit without it. With so many different types of sport, there is always something to suit everyone. Check out yoga, basketball, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, dancing, badminton, trampolining – there really is no excuse.

Don’t try too much too soon. If you’re plan was to run four times a week stick to it. Even if on one of your off days you’re itchy to go, try to hold off. That way your enthusiasm will last.










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