Chapter 10 : Home Décor

Your home is your castle and nobody likes castles covered in empty pizza boxes, broken chairs and dusty shelves. Your own little empire should be a beacon of beauty and learning, not a little backwater fighting civil wars between roaches and ants.

Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be tidy 24/7, but it should at least be clean. You don’t know when you might suddenly have guests.

Tidy – when everything is neat and ordered

Clean – when meets a reasonable hygienic standard

Everyone has their dream home. Maybe it’s full of book shelves up to the ceiling and a warm rug by the fireplace, or ultra-modern and metallic. Stop thinking about what your home will be like in the future and make that a reality now.

Be an artist. You like your wardrobe but the colour doesn’t match your new place? Get some paints and overalls and spend an afternoon pretending you’re an Italian designer.

Invest in some art. It doesn’t have to be Van Gogh or Dali, but decorating the walls with some cool prints came completely redefine a space. Check out your local art galleries for inspiration.

If you have the cash to splash and want some unique and horrendously beautiful furniture, buy it in Bali. Enough said.



整洁 - 一切都整洁和有序

清洁 - 满足合理的卫生标准





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