Chapter 7 : How to Dress Your Own Age


Growing up is beautiful. You attain freedom, amass more and more cool stuff, make money to travel and get a firmer grip on who you are. Ageing does have its downsides too though, which need to be embraced as much as the positives.

One of the biggest mistakes women make as they grow older is not adapting their fashion sense to suit them. After a lady hits a certain age, the mini shorts and fishnet tights need to be thrown away, and the t-shirts with the cute animé characters may need to be given to a younger family member to enjoy.

There is nothing worse than a forty year old woman trying to dress cute. You are sexy and independent. Not twelve and desperate for a Sailor Moon costume. With so much pressure to look and act young, women try to cling to things that didn't even look to great when they were young – plush character bags, cat ears, ice cream cone earrings – to show their care free and youthful spirit.

A woman with a career, money and culture doesn't want to look cute. Say goodbye to the tights with cats on and opt for a more classy look. There's so much you can wear now that wouldn't have suited you as a teen or twenty-something. If Audrey Hepburn wouldn't be seen dead in it, neither should you.





The Maker