Chapter 4 : Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy is a universal feeling few people ever want to admit to having, whether it is sibling, coworker, partner, celebrity, book character, etc.

Breathe and think about why you feel jealous. Don’t be hard on yourself. Jealousy is normal. If you have just gone through a bad divorce and your friend is gushing about how her boyfriend has proposed to her, of course you don’t want to hear about it. Smile politely and don’t be negative. Try to change the subject.

Consider being jealous of someone else’s achievements the motivation you need to improve yourself. When someone else is successful, think about your own goals and try to work hard to achieve them. It’s never too late to take a shot.

Chances are the person you’re jealous of isn’t that great either. Everyone has their own problems. Sure, Maria might have a cool car but mosquitoes think she’s the second coming. Nobody has a perfect life.

On the flip side, don’t try to inspire jealousy in others. Be humble. Bragging about success over and over and over and over again is no fun for anyone. After all, people who are jealous of you are going to find it much harder to like you.






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