Chapter 20 : Staying Cool

Summer is awesome. Whether you're a sun worshipper or prefer protecting your skin beneath an umbrella, there's nothing like blue skies and the happiness associated with good weather. And while protecting your skin should be a number one priority, there's also something else to consider: staying cool.

You have the sun dress. You have the shades. You have a rocking bod and it's beach time. But if by the time you reach the sand you have a tendency to have more sweat and red blotches than a pig in paradise, that's what people are going to notice.

Overheating in the sun can also be dangerous and result in a sunstroke. Follow these tips to not only look cool in the sun, but to actually feel so.


Wear loose, light materials.

Use deodorant. For some reason a lot of people think they don't need it. But just because you can't smell yourself, doesn't mean other people can't.

Tie your hear back. Long hair in particular can really heat you up if not swept off your face and shoulders.


Apply sunscreen in the sun. Apply it 15-30 minutes before you go outside. Not only does this protect your skin and reduce the risk of sunburn, but it stops you from sweating it all off.

Wear black. It absorbs heat and will make you hotter. Opt for lighter colours or white.

Stay out in the sun if you start feeling dizzy or light headed. It's ok to chill inside for a few minutes and come back out later.

Wear foundation. Use a little make up as possible to prevent it sliding off your face. If you can bear it, eschew foundation entirely.













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