Chapter 6 : Style


Style (noun)-a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness

Style is perhaps the most multi-faceted, fact less topic of this entire book. Style is based not off of laws but around the opinions of the few who study it. That being said, there are very definitive guidelines, and while your style is your own, there are definitely some serious Do’s and some perhaps more serious Don’ts!

Developing Your Personal Style:

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ― Coco Chanel

Personal style is very important. It creates a first impression to those around you and tells people something about you before you have even been introduced. You can use it to stand out, or to blend it, but essentially personal style and how you appear to the wider world defines what kind of person you are socially.

When beginning the search for your personal style, the first and most important things to think about are:

Your age! You must be aware of your age, and not fall into the traps of dressing younger and looking immature and unreliable, or dressing older, and looking boring and matronly.

Your occupation! Your job will, in part, no matter how much you dread it doing so, affect the way you dress. If you are working in a professional setting you will need to look clean cut and will not be able to run around in torn up jeans and crop tops.

Your lifestyle! As great as stilettos may make your legs look, small town girls will stick out like a sore thumb in these shoes, and walking on anything other than pavement or floors will be very difficult. Know what type of lifestyle you live and make sure you are dressing appropriately.

Your goals! There is a say, dress for the job you want. If you are hoping to climb the corporate ladder at work, dress the part, showing your sophistication and beauty! If you want to get fired, feel free to wear your pajamas and slippers!

HINT: Developing your personal style is not just about going out a buying a ton of clothing pieces you like. In order to use your wardrobe to its maximum potential, make sure you buy lots of basic (jeans, black pants, plain but nice shirts). These kinds of pieces will go with anything making your statement ‘style’ pieces pop and allowing you to use them in different ways for a more versatile sophisticated wardrobe. This is a much better solution than you ending up with one terrific outfit that you love, but no other way to wear the individual items in it.

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid:

-Bra Straps!

Nothing looks less professional than easily visible bra straps. For difficult tops invest in a well fitting strapless bra, or in the case of a racer-back top, try pinning the straps together at the back so they aren’t visible.

-Panty Lines!

What may have started out as a perfect outfit can be absolutely ruined by the distracting outline of your undergarments being clearly visible. Make sure you are wearing thinner underwear, maybe lace or a thin elastic ‘invisible’ pair, when you are dressing in tight bottoms to avoid this embarrassing occurance.

-Daytime Eveningwear!

Nothing is more awkward than seeing someone dressed to the nine, walking around town during the day. Just because your clothes are fancier does not mean they are more fashionable.

-Too Much Bling!

When in doubt, avoid rhinestones! There are many styles that make a little sparkle look great but when even a little bit overdone appears more cheap and tasteless than looking like you came off worse in a fight with a hoard of bedazzlers.

-Too Much Skin!

If you are worried that you are showing too much skin for a given occasion, than you probably are. Tiny shorts and crop tops do not a classy woman make.

-Ill Fitting Styles!

Always, always, always, always, try everything on before leaving the store with it. It will look much more put together wearing a slightly less bold outfit that fits you exceptionally well, than wearing ill-fitting clothes.

-Accessory Overload!

Make sure with accessories that you don’t overdo it! An outfit should compliment your accessories rather than battle with them for attention.

-Un-walkable Shoes!

No matter how expensive your brand new stilettos might be, don’t wear them unless you are sure you will be able to walk around without looking like you might fall down at any moment. Nobody will notice your killer outfit if they have to hold you up all day.


Make sure everything you wear is pressed and wrinkle free. Nothing can rumple up a classic combination more than a nice piece of clothing that looks like it’s been used as a pillow.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” ― Orson Welles































“风格就是明明知道自己是谁,自己说什么,但却毫不在乎这些。”—— 奥逊·威尔斯

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