Chapter 13 : Using a Selfie Stick

As the popularity of the ‘selfie’ continues to grow people are becoming more and more obsessed with finding a way to take ‘the perfect selfie.’ With the creation of the selfie stick, narcissism has reached a new peak, as has its acceptability in social culture.

What is a Selfie Stick?

A Selfie Stick is, simply put, a long pole with an attachment on the end to hold in your camera, allowing you to hold the stick out and get a picture of yourself with a wider angle than you would have simply holding it. While the most commonly used Selfie Sticks are very cheap, more expensive, durable ones can be found online for the avid self-photographer.


-When you are using a selfie stick there can be no doubt as to what is going on. No longer can you snap pictures of yourself while pretending to check Instagram on the subway. Your selfie habits with the selfie stick are clear as crystal for the world to see.

-The selfie stick is being banned in many museums and tourist attractions around the world because in the hands of people who aren’t paying attention or being cautious they can be hazardous to people and things around them.

-They look absolutely ridiculous.


-You MIGHT be able to get a better selfie with it than without.


While it looks like the cons of the Selfie Stick greatly outweigh the pros it is up to you to decide whether or not you think possibly getting a better photo is worth it. However, be mindful of those around you and of the possible restrictions of any attractions you visit!








--- 自拍杆看着非常的奇怪。


--- 有了自拍杆,你可以拍到更满意的自拍。


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