Chapter 11 : When and What to Post

As many readers probably know, there is an art to making and maintaining a flourishing Instagram page. What post will get the most likes? What time of day should you post so that what you have to say is see by the most people? As the world of social media grows, so do the studies done to try to pinpoint how to create the perfect post. Here is some of what we have learned:


Ideal number of posts per day: 2

Best time to post: Wednesdays, 1-3pm

Worst time to post: Weekends before 8am or after 8pm


Ideal number of posts per day: 3

Best time to post: Monday-Thursday, 1-3pm

Worst time to post: Every day after 8pm, Friday after 3pm


Ideal number of posts per day: 2

Best time to post: Wednesdays, 2-5pm

Worst time to post: 9am and 6pm

Questions to ask yourself when posting:

Does this post contain any punishable activity that should get out?

A surprising amount of people have been arrested for bragging or displaying some kind of illegal activity on their social media pages, assuming that this would not be checked. Keep in mind that anything you post is out there for the world to see! Even those photos or messages sent privately to friends can be accessed if necessary so BE AWARE of what you are posting.

Does any of the content in this post appear hateful or discriminatory?

While the widespread voicing and discussion of opinions is one of the things that make social media valuable today, you must recognize the difference between a strong opinion and hate speech, and learn to avoid the latter.

Does this post contain any sensitive information that shouldn’t be posted publicly for the world to see?

Keep in mind that you must remain aware that some information is not posted on a public forum such as, home address, work address, personal phone number etc .

Am I posting something genuinely or begging for the attention?

Begging for likes, affectionately termed ‘like-whoring’ is the act of posting for the simple pleasure of having your ego boosted by the number of people who like or respond to your post. While everyone deserves a bit of an ego boost now and then I would advise you be aware of the difference between tactfully asking for appreciation and demanding it. For example, nobody is fooled by the glammed-up selfie you posted with the pouty caption “Who else thinks I am so ugly right now?” If you truly believe you are ugly in a photo, don’t post it. If you want the appreciation of others, don’t try to belittle yourself in an attempt to receive compliments. Nobody is fooled, and it makes you look a whole lot worse than if you had simply posted “Feeling great today!” or some other, more positive caption.

Is there any possibility that this post could look bad to a current or future employer?

Many companies and employers are beginning to introduce stricter guidelines as to what can appear on their employee’s social media networks. For example, in many school districts in the United States, aspiring teachers must make sure that not one of the photos posted on their pages displays them or anyone around them holding an alcoholic beverage or smoking anything (cigarettes included). When posting consider the old saying “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” and dress your social network pages accordingly.

Is anything in this post antagonizing or insulting to any group of people?

On Facebook, the average person has a couple hundred friends of varying ethnicities, lifestyles and backgrounds. Everything posted there will most likely reach a much wider range of people than something spoken aloud. Therefore you must remain very aware of what you post and how it may sound to other people. A 14 year-old-boy in the United States is currently facing 2 years in prison for a photo he had considered amusing (displaying him pantomiming oral intercourse on a statue of Jesus Christ) but was picked up by a news station and deemed part of a “War on Christianity.” Keep in mind that you may have a different sense of humor or opinion than others and make sure that nothing you post can be seen as antagonizing.


Everything you post online will stay online!

The Golden Rule:

If you wouldn’t like your grandmother to see it, it shouldn’t be online.































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