Virtuoso Clown Will Bring A Delightful Performance to Hong Kong

000_Par2188277_Julien Cottereau plays Carte Blanche © Gilles Mermet.jpg

A two-night comic journey filled with laughter for Hong Kong audience during Le French May Arts Festival.

Known as “the next Chaplin”, Julien Cottereau traveled to Europe, Britain, Australia, USA, China, Korea and many places all over the world to perform his best solo acts. On June 8-9th, he will showcase a hybrid performance featuring the best moments of the comedian’s two solo acts—Imaginetoi and Lune Air.

Alongside the show, which is exclusively sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, free clown masterclass will also be available to the audience on June 8th at Kwai Tsing Theatre – Auditorium. Save the date!



朱利安·科特罗被誉为“下一个卓别林”,他到欧洲、英国、澳大利亚、美国、中国、韩国以及世界各地表演他最好的独角戏。6月8日至9日,他将带来一场混合表演,其中包括这位喜剧演员的两个solo表演——imaginetoi和Lune Air。


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