A Musical About Matteo Ricci is Coming to HK


Hong Kong Cultural Centre to put on view a large-scale musical about the legendary missionary on April 20-28th.

For renowned actor Damian Lau Chung-yan the musical directing experience is a first. It took two years in production, and this spring, the musical which will tell the story of Father Ricci with entertaining elements to attract non-believers to come and watch is ready to be staged late April in Hong Kong.

The show will have drama, dances as well as performances with Chinese and western musical instruments. The creative team behind the musical aims to reacquaint the audience with a noted historical figure who made a significant contribution to the cultural exchange between China and the West. The musical will deal with Ricci’s journey to China through Zhaoqing, Nanchang, Nanjing, and Tianjin to Beijing, where in 1601 )3 became the first European to enter the Forbidden City. Save the date to see the musical interpretation of Matteo Ricci’s life , and rediscover this historical figure.




演出将混有戏剧、舞蹈以及中西乐器的表演。音乐剧背后的创意团队旨在让观众重新认识一位对中西文化交流做出重大贡献的著名历史人物。这部音乐剧将讲述Ricci从肇庆、南昌、南京、天津到北京的中国之旅,在1601年3月,他是第一个进入紫禁城的欧洲人。保存日期吧,看看音乐诠释的Matteo Ricci的生活,重新认识这个历史人物。

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