Design Meets Art : 70 years of Kartell


One of the most important brands in Italian and international design is showing its art side with an exhibition at prestigious Apartment of the Principles of Palazzo Reale in Milan.

From the everyday life essentials, to objects of domestic use that have revolutionized the history of post-war design—Kartell has a long history to tell. Through its creations, the brand is known as the leading company in design, focusing on the themes of research, innovation, and evolutionary technologies. To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Kartell wants to show its relationship with art through an exhibition which is promoted by the City of Milan-Culture, and will be open to public from April 10th to May 12th.


意大利最重要的国际设计品牌之一,在米兰著名的Apartment of the Principles of Palazzo Reale展示了其艺术一面。


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