Heavenly Bodies in a Gucci Way


Every year Met Gala theme is a creative challenge for A-list guests and high fashion designers. For his year theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” a number of celebrities from Lana Del Rey to Jared Leto delivered some of the event’s most memorable looks, wearing Gucci. 

Gucci - Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Rey, Jared Leto@2018 MetGala

Gucci - Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Rey, Jared Leto@2018 MetGala

While some attendees played it carefully with their outfits, paying vague tributes with cross motifs and ornate jewelry, others went all-out. Jared Leto, for instance, ditched subtleties and went for a  Christ-like look in powder blue tuxedo with an oversize heavy lapel and golden floral crown. Lana Del Rey’s outfit was dubbed ‘the most dramatic dress at Met Gala”, and appeared on the red carpet with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Jared Leto, all three looking as if they had walked out of a Renaissance-era painting. Nick Cave and his wife Susie Cave also donned quite a dramatic full-Gucci look, but artist Dapper Dan, actor Donald Glover, and actress Cleo Wade kept their looks toned done, with an undeniable Gucci style, though.


每年Met Galade的主题A-list嘉宾和高级时装设计师来说都是一次创意挑战。在他的年度主题“天体:时尚与天主教想象力”中,来自Lana Del Rey和Jared Leto的许多名人身着Gucci,为这次活动提供了一些最难忘的照片。

虽然有些参与者谨慎注意他们的服饰,用图案和华丽的珠宝来表达敬意,但也有人全力以赴。例如Jared Leto放弃了一些细节,选择基督外观般的蓝色礼服,搭配以超大的翻领和金色的花冠。Lana Del Rey的服装被称为“Met Gala上最引人注目的礼服,” 与Gucci的Alessandro Michele和Jared Leto一同在红地毯上亮相,三人看起来就像是从文艺复兴时期走出来的画作。Nick Cave和他的妻子Susie Cave也身着引人注目的全Gucci风格服装,但艺术家Dapper Dan、演员Donald Glover和女演员Cleo Wade以不可否认的Gucci风格保持着他们的完美身形。

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