Kartell at Stockholm’s Most Important Week for Design

Beginning of February is big time for Scandinavian design—with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm Design Week and hundreds of design events in the Swedish capital.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, held on February 5th through February 9th, is full to the bursting point with the latest innovations in interior design for both homes and public spaces. For this annual most interesting meeting places for Nordic design woldwide,

Kartell will organize a design talk on February 5th. The brand’s marketing and retail director Lorenza Luti will go into details on technology and design of Kartell’s latest new collection of multi-purpose, diverse, and undeniably aesthetically pleasing products, which you can see exhibited at the show.


二月初是纳维亚设计的时间段——Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair(斯德哥尔摩设计周家具暨灯具展)、Stockholm Design Week(斯德哥尔摩设计周)以及在瑞典首都的数百个设计活动。

2月5日至2月9日举行的Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair(斯德哥尔摩设计周家具暨灯具展),关于最新家居与公共空间的设计创新层出不穷。这是年度最有趣的北欧设计会议场所,Kartell将在2月5日组织一次设计讲座。该品牌的营销和零售总监Lorenza Luti将详细介绍Kartell最新的新系列产品的技术和设计,用途广泛、种类繁多、无可否认令人赏心悦目,您可以在展会上看到这些产品。

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