Kartell’s Ode to the Window Display


Salone del Mobile Milan is around the corner, and every year iconic Italian brand Kartell introduces their own perceptions of exclusive design and craftsmanship.This year the fair becomes a stage for the brand’s seventieth birthday, and on this occasion Kartell brings a new special project, highlighting the window display’s importance. When you come to the Kartell 2019 stand, be prepared to walk through an architecture made up of window displays, mixing the stand aesthetic with attention to detail at the point of sale. Everything you’ll see—from new additions to historical pieces, will be available for immediate delivery. For those, who can not attend the fair, Kartell will make a live stream on April 9th, making sure as many people can take part in Kartell 70th anniversary and discover all new innovative projects.


Salone del Mobile Milan(米兰家具展)即将到来,每年,意大利标志性品牌Kartell都会介绍他们对独家设计和工艺的看法。今年的展会成为了该品牌70岁周年的舞台,在这个时机下,Kartell带来了一个新的特别项目,突出橱窗展示的重要性。当你来到2019年Kartell展台时,请准备好穿过将展台的美感与细节结合的橱窗展示的建筑。您将看到的所有内容——从新添加的内容到历史片段,都将立即交付。对于那些无法参加展会的人,Kartell将于4月9日现场直播,确保尽可能多的人参与到Kartell 70周年纪念活动中并发现所有新的创新项目。

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