The Ballots Are Cast: "Roma" Wins Again


The awards season is in full swing, and no other movie has picked up more trophies past week, than Alfonso Cuarón’s black-and-white film, scoring big time again at Critics Choice.

Hollywood’s award season festivities continued: just one week after the 2019 Golden Globes, ballots were cast again for the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards. The ceremony handed out accolades to achievements in both film and television, that did not bring many surprises except two ties in two separate categories— Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television and Best Actress nominations. In 17 categories for TV, much of the winners corresponded to an Emmy and/or Globe race.

Alfonso Cuarón’s latest creation “Roma” had a big night at the Critics Choice awards ceremony, named Best Picture, and also winning Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Foreign Language Film nominations. The big wins for “Roma” this season already sparked the speculations, will it make history by winning the best picture Oscar. Well, the wait is not long, we’ll see what this year’s cinematographic “award of awards” brings next month.

颁奖季正如火如荼地进行着,在过去的一周中,没有哪部电影比Alfonso Cuaron的黑白电影获得更多的奖项,再次在评论家选择奖(Critics Choice)中获得大奖。

好莱坞颁奖季的庆祝活动仍在继续:仅在2019年金球奖(Golden Globes)后的一周,2019年评论家选择奖(Critics Choice)再次进入投票环节。颁奖典礼对电影和电视领域的成就都给予了嘉奖,但除了电视剧类最佳女演员提名之外,其他并没有太多惊喜。在17个电视类奖项中,大多数获奖者都参加了艾美奖或全球电视竞赛。

Alfonso Cuarón的最新作品“Roma”在Critics Choice颁奖典礼上度过了一个重要的夜晚,获得了最佳影片奖、最佳导演奖、最佳摄影奖和最佳外语片提名。“Roma”本赛季的大胜已经引发了各种猜测,它是否会因为赢得奥斯卡最佳影片奖而创造历史。好吧,等不了多久,我们将在下个月看到今年的电影“金像奖”会带来什么。

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