Innisfree : Green is the New Skincare


Embarking on a journey of conscious living means reconsidering every aspect of daily routine and it might not seem like a piece of cake at the very beginning. But some brands do a very good job on sweetening that cake, indeed. Considering that skin is our biggest organ, the first line of defense, what kind of products we use suddenly becomes more than just about beauty.
Innisfree is a brand, well established not only in the market of natural skincare cosmetics: it successfully conquered the vast ‘land of mainstream’ too. But aside green promises of responsible production in the heart of pure Jeju Island, Innisfree goes green beyond the corporate color. Aside from the ‘must-have’ nature-oriented programs like ‘Clean Jeju’ and planting trees in Mongolia, the brand actively engages its customers.

Only three years after the launch in Korea, the company started an ongoing bottles recycling campaign, which collected close to 40 million bottles from 2003 till 2015. The most impressive result, perhaps, is not measured in numbers, but in the habit cultivation shift that inspires people to use healthy products and use them smartly, instead of throwing away reusable materials.

Another conscious customer-oriented program is ‘Use a hankie, save the Earth’ campaign that throws in a playful element to eco-routine. With series of multi-purpose hankies designed each year, Innisfree aims to revive the good habits of old times, when not everything was single-use and packed in plastic. Rooting for ‘Your health starts with healthy planet’ to become the next hit.






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