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Staying calm in a stressful or aggravating situation is exceedingly difficult but extremely important. Losing your temper never helps a situation, often results in repercussions and will definitely affect the way other people see you. With all these downsides why is it still so hard to keep your cool? Especially in China, where you come across yelling taxi drivers and other mundane irritations on a daily basis.

Here are several ways to stay calm in a long or short time perspective:

Staying calm through long-term stress: Everyone in the world goes through periods of time where they are feeling overworked, overwhelmed or simply burned out. Learning to deal with this type of situations is more important and more difficult than dealing with short-term stressors. Here are 10 tips to help you overcome long-term stress in the big Chinese cities

1. Avoid drinking beverages high in caffeine
2. Lighting a candle with a soothing scent like lavender or cinnamon has a calming effect
3. Start reading an amusing book
4. Choose the un-caffeinated or herbal tea
5. Do not spend too much time with your pet indoors: going out for some fresh air and engaging with nature is a better option.
6. Start a journal to organize your thoughts
7. Practice yoga more
8. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and take a power nap when you can
9. Join a gym-the endorphins released when exercising will help to combat stress
10. Try meditation or sitting down for 15 minutes a day and just thinking about something nice, make peace with the past and your foes.

Staying calm in the moment: Dealing with an aggravating situation like a calm adult is a very useful skill to have. Here are 9 tips to help you avoid losing your temper with a high-speed modern lifestyle in the big Chinese cities:

1. Take three, slow, deep breaths
2. Count backwards in your head from ten to one.
3. Ask yourself ‘Will this argument solve anything?’ ‘What is the best possible outcome of this argument for both participants? 'How can we get there?’
4. Find a quote that means something to you and think of it in a stressful moment
5. Avoid using sarcasm or making unnecessary jokes of the situation
6. If what you want to say won’t directly improve or solve the situation, don’t say it
7. Think before you speak
8. Don’t ever raise your voice even if the person you are speaking to does
9. If there is no way around it, remove yourself from the situation before you say something you won’t be able to take back

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1. 避免喝含咖啡因的茶或饮品。
2. 点燃一支熏衣草香或者肉桂香味的蜡烛会有保持镇静的效果。
3. 读一本有趣的书。
4. 喝不含咖啡因的茶,比如草本类的茶
5. 不要和自己的宠物整天待在一起,出去转转,呼吸新鲜空气,亲近大自然。
6. 开始一段旅程,或者整理一下你的思绪。
7. 多上一些瑜伽课。
8. 保证足够的睡眠,如果可以,小憩一下。
9. 参与体育运动,内啡肽的分泌能帮助对抗压力。
10. 尝试冥想,或者每天坐下15分钟想一想美好的事情,与你的过去和敌人达成和解。


1. 数三下,慢下来,深呼吸。
2. 在脑海里从10数到1.
3. 问问自己“争论可以解决问题吗?”,然后“对于争论双方来说什么是最好的结果,以及我们如何达成?”
4. 找到一句对自己来说意味着些什么的名言,在紧张情况下默念一下。
5. 在紧张情况下,尽量不要讽刺和开不必要的玩笑。
6. 如果你想说的不能直接弥补或解决当前情况,那就不要说。
7. 三思而后言。
8. 不要提高音调,即使跟你说话的人已经这样做了。
9. 如果没有办法打圆场,在说错话覆水难收之前离开。

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